Tuesday, April 13, 2010

there are some lives you live and some you leave behind.

i am ten weeks pregnant :) i'll be eleven on thursday. i'm not really showing yet.. but my pants are soo tight. susanna bought me some maternity leggings the other day. that was cool. i'm so tired today. my baby is going to be a november baby, i love autumn. for a girl we're thinking margaux ellesse heard and for a boy riley day heard.
i'm so excited to see our baby. i haven't seen a doctor yet because everything with medi-cal hasn't gone through yet. hopefully i can go soon. i haven't had any scary symptoms, no bleeding, no cramping, nothing. so i'm not worried. i want to hear its little heartbeat. i know it's moving around in there. i wish i could feel it.
everyone thinks we're having a girl. that's what i thought as soon as i found out. jake wants a boy haha. i don't blame him. we call the baby "babylovechild".

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